2011-01-24 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag codemux-0.1-15 master codemux-0.1-15
2011-01-05 Thierry Parmentelatfix URL in specfile - rm svn-keywords
2010-03-10 S.Çağlar OnurSetting tag CoDemux-0.1-14
2010-03-09 S.Çağlar Onurintroduce an IP field to bind
2008-12-02 Daniel Hokka... Tagging module CoDemux - CoDemux-0.1-13
2008-12-02 Daniel Hokka... Fix initscript handling so codemux can be disabled.
2008-12-02 Daniel Hokka... Add a way to bind to a specific IP address.
2008-06-06 Stephen SolteszTagging module CoDemux - CoDemux-0.1-12
2008-06-06 KyoungSoo Park- fixed a bug which makes the function stack overflow...
2008-05-09 Stephen SolteszTagging module CoDemux - CoDemux-0.1-11
2008-05-09 Stephen SolteszRemoved initlog line, to prevent warnings from being...
2008-04-24 Faiyaz AhmedTagging module CoDemux - CoDemux-0.1-10
2008-04-04 Faiyaz Ahmedfix tag level.
2008-04-03 Faiyaz Ahmedgeneric config file
2008-04-03 Faiyaz AhmedBump tag level.
2008-04-03 Faiyaz Ahmedrotate when log is > 200k
2008-04-03 Faiyaz AhmedUse logrotate to rotate logs.
2008-04-02 Faiyaz Ahmedadd codemux logrotate to package.
2008-04-02 Faiyaz AhmedBrain fart. Best not to copy a file then delete it...
2008-04-02 Faiyaz AhmedAdded logrotate to package.
2008-03-28 Faiyaz AhmedTagging module CoDemux - CoDemux-0.1-8
2008-03-27 Thierry Parmentelatrestored former specfile as it contains taglevel inform...
2008-03-27 KyoungSoo ParkSupport for PLC redirection and a single-entry configur...
2008-01-08 Thierry Parmentelatready for tagging
2007-10-22 KyoungSoo Park- fixed the slow memory leak problem.
2007-10-15 Marc FiuczynskiEliminate requirements of vnet module, as this module...
2007-06-27 KyoungSoo Park- added Sean's opendht entry
2007-06-24 KyoungSoo Parkreflected Mike Freedman's request
2007-06-18 KyoungSoo Parkchecking into HEAD
2007-05-08 KyoungSoo Park- moved the codemux directory to /usr/sbin/
2007-05-07 Faiyaz AhmedFixed some syntax errors.
2007-05-03 Faiyaz AhmedUpdate name.
2007-04-27 KyoungSoo Parkfixed %preun
2007-04-27 KyoungSoo Parkready for RPM building
2007-04-26 KyoungSoo Park- cleaned up unused library functions for codemux
2007-04-25 KyoungSoo Parkerroneously checked in
2007-04-25 KyoungSoo ParkThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-02-02 Planet-Lab... New repository initialized by cvs2svn.