This repo is obsolete, please see git://
[ipfw.git] / ipfw /
2012-06-11 Thierry Parmentelatintegrated
2011-06-10 Thierry Parmentelatturn off unused-but-set-variable for gcc-4.6
2011-01-21 martaUndefine the __unused macro around problematic places.
2010-04-15 martaSync with the new ipfw3 version.
2010-01-07 martaRemove the old dummynet directory and update the new...
2010-01-06 martaAdded the new version for dummynet.
2009-12-16 martaRemove debug message.
2009-12-15 martaWork on the radix code, added support to compile on...
2009-12-10 martaUpdate the work on ipfw tables, reduce diffs.
2009-12-09 martaGrab the lock before reading uid/gid related structure...
2009-12-02 martaAdded missing file.
2009-11-28 martaAdded a missing source file.
2009-11-16 martaMajor changes:
2009-11-06 martaAdded the code for xid matching. (The code is not yet...
2009-11-06 martaRemoved stale files.
2009-07-08 martaImport source code for dummynet innode emulation.