This repo is obsolete, please see git://
[ipfw.git] / planetlab /
2013-04-08 Thierry ParmentelatThis repo is obsolete, please see git://git.code.sf... master
2012-07-09 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag ipfw-20120610-2 ipfw-20120610-2
2012-06-28 Thierry Parmentelatsimplify version management - no ref. to kernel number
2012-06-28 Thierry Parmentelatadd dependency to the right kernel version
2012-06-25 Thierry Parmentelatadd a mention to Marta's sourceforge repo
2012-06-15 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag ipfw-20120610-1 ipfw-20120610-1
2012-06-15 Thierry Parmentelatfix taglevel for module-tag
2012-06-15 Thierry Parmentelatadd comment about original code
2012-06-15 Thierry Parmentelatno more svn $URL$
2012-06-11 Thierry Parmentelatfixed specfile to be able to run against stock kernel...
2012-06-11 Thierry Parmentelatalign version number with upstream number
2012-06-11 Thierry Parmentelatintegrated
2011-10-23 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag ipfw-0.9-23 ipfw-0.9-23 ipfw-20120610-0
2011-10-18 Thierry ParmentelatMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-10-18 Thierry Parmentelatin f8/32bits _target_cpu is i386 while kernel_arch...
2011-10-02 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag ipfw-0.9-22 ipfw-0.9-22
2011-09-29 Thierry Parmentelatadd kernel taglevel in rpm number - need to upgrade...
2011-06-10 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag ipfw-0.9-21 ipfw-0.9-21
2011-01-23 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag ipfw-0.9-20 ipfw-0.9-20
2010-12-10 Thierry Parmentelatfix the naming scheme var /lib/modules/ - again
2010-12-08 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag ipfw-0.9-19 ipfw-0.9-19
2010-12-08 Thierry Parmentelatmore robust detection of kernel naming conventions
2010-12-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag ipfw-0.9-18 ipfw-0.9-18
2010-12-07 Thierry Parmentelatapply same changes as in madwifi for building against k32
2010-06-15 Baris MetinSetting tag ipfw-0.9-17 ipfw-0.9-17
2010-06-15 Baris MetinSetting tag ipfw-0.9-16 ipfw-0.9-16
2010-05-12 barisSetting tag ipfw-0.9-15
2010-05-12 barisfix taglevel
2010-05-07 barisuse Obsoletes
2010-05-04 martaAdded a conflict with the old package name.
2010-04-27 thierrySetting tag ipfw-0.9-13
2010-04-27 thierry(hopefully last) fix for a broken tag
2010-04-15 martaSync with the new ipfw3 version.
2010-04-13 thierryavoid attempting to run anything at build-time & cleaned up
2010-04-12 thierrypackage new init.d script
2010-04-12 thierrySetting tag ipfw-0.9-11
2010-03-05 martaAdded the ipfw init script.
2010-03-03 barisSetting tag ipfw-0.9-10
2010-03-01 martaUpdate spec file.
2010-03-01 martaUse the right user parameter.
2010-03-01 martaLoad the ipfw module after installation.
2010-01-11 thierrySetting tag ipfw-0.9-9
2010-01-11 martaDelete the cleanup from the files section too.
2010-01-11 martaRemoved the cleanup file, it is now integrated into...
2010-01-09 thierrySetting tag ipfw-0.9-8
2010-01-07 martaPrepare the code to load the module. (still commented...
2010-01-06 martaAdded the new version for dummynet.
2009-12-16 martaUpdate the cleanup for expired rules.
2009-12-15 martaWork on the radix code, added support to compile on...
2009-12-10 martaUpdate the work on ipfw tables, reduce diffs.