bugfixes in build - still can't build as the patch file is not right
[iptables.git] / Makefile
2012-01-31 Thierry Parmentelatbugfixes in build - still can't build as the patch... 1.4.12
2012-01-31 Thierry Parmentelatbumping the version number also requires updating makef...
2011-08-09 Sapan BhatiaRevert "Temporary measure for blacklisting an abused...
2011-08-09 Sapan BhatiaTemporary measure for blacklisting an abused node.
2011-01-26 S.Çağlar Onurfix sha1sum
2011-01-25 S.Çağlar Onurfix conflict iptables-1.4.10-0
2010-12-20 S.Çağlar Onurbump to 1.4.10
2010-08-05 S.Çağlar Onurbump to 1.4.9 iptables-1.4.9-0
2010-05-24 S.Çağlar Onurbump to 1.4.8
2010-04-05 S.Çağlar Onurupdate to 1.4.7 and change repositoyry layout as this...