Setting tag madwifi-4132-6
[madwifi.git] / madwifi.spec
2012-09-04 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag madwifi-4132-6 master madwifi-4132-6
2012-07-18 Thierry Parmentelatadd historical comment
2012-06-28 Thierry Parmentelatbuild without a planetlab kernel - i.e. against stock...
2012-01-30 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag madwifi-4132-5 madwifi-4132-5
2011-10-23 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag madwifi-4132-4 madwifi-4132-4
2011-10-18 Thierry Parmentelatin f8/32bits _target_cpu is i386 while kernel_arch...
2011-10-02 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag madwifi-4132-3 madwifi-4132-3
2011-09-29 Thierry Parmentelatimbed kernel taglevel in rpm version number for proper...
2011-01-23 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag madwifi-4132-2 madwifi-4132-2
2011-01-05 Thierry Parmentelatfix URL in specfile - rm svn-keywords
2010-12-10 Thierry Parmentelatfix the naming scheme var /lib/modules/ - again
2010-12-08 Thierry Parmentelatfix taglevel
2010-12-08 Thierry Parmentelatmore robust detection of kernel naming conventions
2010-12-07 Thierry Parmentelatguess conventions for either <=k27 or >=k32
2010-12-07 Thierry Parmentelatfix old refs & extra space in checksum
2010-01-04 Thierry Parmentelat(no commit message)
2010-01-04 Thierry Parmentelattweaks
2009-02-06 Thierry Parmentelatmore files to package in new release
2009-02-06 Thierry Parmentelatupdating madwifi for 2.6.27
2008-10-02 Thierry ParmentelatTagging module madwifi - madwifi-0.9.4-2
2008-09-30 Thierry Parmentelatnew files
2008-09-29 Thierry Parmentelatintegrating 0.9.4
2008-01-08 Thierry Parmentelatready for tagging
2007-12-05 Daniel Hokka ZakrissonInstall the ifup-pre-local script.
2007-12-05 Daniel Hokka ZakrissonAdd ifup-pre-local script to correctly set the mode...
2007-12-04 Thierry Parmentelatvarious fixes
2007-12-04 Thierry Parmentelatsvn keywords
2007-12-04 Thierry Parmentelatfirst attempt