clearer names for actions, and infer actions better
[monitor.git] / Makefile
2009-08-25 Stephen Solteszdoh. used m5sum not sha1
2009-08-25 Stephen Solteszlatest 1.6.5 version
2009-04-16 Stephen Solteszsvn merge -r 12308:13112
2009-01-20 Stephen Solteszupdate to latest stable version of zabbix. 1.6.2
2008-11-20 Stephen Solteszuse the old 1.6 version that enables escalations. ...
2008-11-11 Stephen Solteszspec file to build zabbix packages.
2006-10-24 Faiyaz AhmedUses CoMon's ability to find 'upness' to email. Change...