clearer names for actions, and infer actions better
[monitor.git] / monitor /
2011-10-06 Stephen SolteszMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-08-31 Stephen SolteszMinor updates:
2011-06-24 Stephen SolteszReplace missing rpm commands on collection.
2011-05-27 Stephen SolteszAdded commands for interacting with google's spreadsheets:
2011-05-22 Stephen SolteszSeveral updates to policy, repair, and automate script.
2011-05-13 rootSeveral fixes to configuration, dependencies, and suppo...
2011-05-07 Stephen SolteszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-05-06 rootMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-05-06 rootFirst of a series of significant changes to how monitor...
2011-04-13 Stephen SolteszMany small updates and fixes:
2010-06-29 Stephen Solteszadd areSlicesEnabled and isSiteEnabled convenience...
2010-06-29 Stephen Solteszmoved Time() class to
2010-06-29 Stephen Solteszadd support for the myops object tags. Applies to...
2010-06-28 Stephen Solteszadd a warning when given loginbase returns nothing
2010-06-21 Stephen Solteszmake simpler to reduce the dependencies for...
2010-06-18 Stephen Solteszmove some routines from plccache to generic to avoid...
2010-05-25 Stephen Solteszadd generic routines for manipulating lists from PLCAPI
2010-05-10 Barış Metinscan ipmi port too
2010-04-26 Barış Metinhandle hostname changes
2010-04-08 Stephen Solteszfixes bug in myops for a node with different node_id...
2010-03-13 Stephen Solteszfixed typo on logger name for exceptions.
2010-01-21 Stephen Solteszadd a conversion class for datetime and time stamps...
2009-12-16 Barış Metinhandle IndexError in getpcu
2009-12-14 Barış Metinhope I got the merge wright...
2009-12-07 Stephen Solteszonly enable a site if the 'enabled' field is False.
2009-12-03 Stephen Solteszreformat time install_date to timestamp when returned...
2009-11-21 Stephen Solteszdeprecate www directory and its legacy scripts
2009-11-20 Stephen Solteszadded templating to google gadget xml file in monitor...
2009-11-20 Barış Metincorrect message
2009-11-20 Barış Metin- check if the site is in 'pending' state on all site...
2009-10-20 Barış Metinadd install_date field
2009-10-16 Thierry Parmentelatcommented out unused value
2009-10-16 Barış Metinuse ext_consortium_id to distinguish pending sites.
2009-10-15 Barış Metin- fix UP/DOWN summary on nodes page.
2009-10-12 Barış MetinDon't enable the "Pending Sites". PLE is using 'enabled...
2009-09-24 Stephen Solteszadded BootmanSequenceRecord to allow bootman sequence...
2009-09-18 Stephen Solteszthis doesn't work.
2009-09-18 Stephen Solteszuse simpleview and detailview rather than old 'pcuview...
2009-09-15 Stephen Solteszfix a bug with pause_penalty.
2009-09-07 Stephen Solteszonly add 'skipping_baddisk' action when the notice...
2009-09-04 Stephen Solteszmoved nodequery common code to monitor/
2009-09-02 Stephen Solteszadded actionlist_template to display action list consis...
2009-08-20 Stephen Solteszadd pcu_name to pcufailed_notice
2009-08-17 Stephen Solteszchanged 'monitordebug' to failboot
2009-07-28 Stephen Solteszadded firewall checks and notices
2009-07-28 Stephen Solteszadd email notice for 'failed twice' nodes
2009-07-27 Stephen Solteszadd a 'delete_recent' function to ActionRecord
2009-07-27 Stephen Solteszmake zabbix import conditional
2009-07-27 Stephen Solteszadd code to automatically handle manual FSCK errors.
2009-07-27 Stephen Solteszadd better node configuration message.
2009-07-27 Stephen Solteszugg. output hangs on large file contents. truncate...
2009-07-09 Stephen Solteszadd a timeout command to the client package
2009-07-08 Stephen Solteszcorrect expired() logic. was reversed.
2009-07-02 Stephen Solteszgive noop myops xmlrpc call a extra parameter to allow...
2009-07-01 Stephen Solteszimproved post server setup code in Monitor.spec
2009-06-29 Stephen Solteszbug fix in summary template
2009-06-25 Stephen Solteszsimplify pcu bad logic
2009-06-24 Stephen Solteszonly send unknownsquence messages to admin list
2009-06-20 Stephen Solteszadded templates for emailTxt
2009-06-19 Stephen Solteszadded bootmanager log for monitor-collected log files...
2009-06-17 Stephen Solteszupdating with tweaks to live deployment.
2009-06-16 Stephen Solteszenable monitor in plc-config
2009-06-12 Stephen Solteszapply penalties
2009-06-10 Stephen Solteszadd plc_nodeid and plc_siteid to history records so...
2009-06-10 Stephen Solteszremove unnecessary informatiton on pcuview page
2009-06-09 Stephen Solteszfixed what looked like a typo in pculist.kid, restores...
2009-06-06 Stephen Solteszproperties and emailTxt
2009-06-05 Stephen Solteszupdates to emailTxt
2009-06-03 Stephen Solteszcontrollers should allow refreshes while findall is...
2009-06-02 Stephen Solteszadded comonquery command-line tool.
2009-05-28 Stephen Solteszmerges from v2
2009-05-15 Stephen Solteszmore convenience functions to create an api interface...
2009-05-01 Stephen Soltesztry to update bootstates to work appropriately.
2009-05-01 Stephen Solteszconvert GetNodeNetworks to GetInterfaces and nodenetwor...
2009-04-28 Stephen Solteszmerge from 2.0
2009-04-28 Stephen Solteszmerge from 2.0 branch
2009-04-27 Stephen Solteszpull in additional changes from 2.0 branch.
2009-04-16 Stephen Solteszmerge from 2.0 branch
2009-04-16 Stephen Solteszsvn merge -r 12308:13112
2009-04-16 Stephen Solteszbetter email message
2009-02-27 Stephen Solteszmerge from improvements on the 1.0 branch:
2009-02-27 Stephen Solteszremoved print statements
2009-02-12 Stephen Solteszadded sitelist option for find* scripts.
2009-01-20 Stephen Soltesztesting delays and email notice tweaks.
2009-01-19 Stephen Solteszadd getNodeAPI()
2009-01-13 Stephen Solteszupdated module import statements. not sure how I misse...
2009-01-12 Stephen Solteszimprovements.
2009-01-08 Stephen Solteszmoved into monitor module
2008-12-22 Stephen Solteszfixed errors with includes in scanapi
2008-12-19 Stephen Solteszmodified findbad and findbadpcu to use scanapi. need...
2008-12-19 Stephen Solteszunify the model by which probes are made to collect...
2008-12-13 Stephen Solteszmany improvements.
2008-12-04 Stephen Solteszadd functions for pcuview, nodeview, & siteview
2008-12-04 Stephen Solteszfixed the httpd conf issue with redirecting to /monitor/
2008-12-03 Stephen Solteszhandle the case where there is no data in db yet.
2008-12-03 Stephen Solteszadd sorting tables to the pcu view.
2008-12-02 Stephen Solteszbasic display of nodes, pcus, and sites.
2008-11-25 Stephen Solteszfixed runtime errors with moved files in model, and...
2008-11-25 Stephen Solteszmove into monitor package
2008-11-25 Stephen Solteszmove files and directories into pcucontrol module