clearer names for actions, and infer actions better
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2010-06-18 Stephen Solteszupdate nagios scripts with new paths
2009-12-14 Barış Metinhope I got the merge wright...
2009-04-27 Stephen Solteszpull in additional changes from 2.0 branch.
2009-04-16 Stephen Solteszsvn merge -r 12308:13112
2008-12-13 Stephen Solteszmany improvements.
2008-11-25 Stephen Solteszremove several files.
2008-11-22 Stephen Solteszcompleted updates to the info model.
2008-11-17 Stephen Solteszfixes to the monitor-server.init to update the password...
2008-11-14 Stephen SolteszIntegrate the zabbix Elixir model into the monitor...
2008-11-12 Stephen Solteszadd setup files for the monitor module