2011-05-17 Andy BavierChanges for 2.6.32 kernel master svn/trunk
2011-05-11 Andy BavierUpdate tag
2011-05-11 Andy BavierUpdates for change in sioc.gifconf() semantics
2011-05-09 Thierry Parmentelatadd rule to create srpm
2011-01-11 Andy BavierBump version
2010-06-28 S.Çağlar Onuradjustments for revision 18407
2010-04-27 Andy BavierConfigure bandwidth limit for slice with auto topology...
2010-04-26 Andy BavierBump
2010-04-26 Andy BavierSet txqueuelen on EGRE tunnel device. The default...
2009-11-30 Andy BavierRestart the veserver if spaces/net changes
2009-10-30 Andy BavierAssume each slice has a network namespace already
2009-10-19 Andy BavierBump
2009-10-19 Andy BavierWork around race condition when NodeManager is starting...
2009-09-04 Andy BavierNew plugin interface
2009-08-05 Andy BavierNo need to assume integers
2009-07-17 Andy BavierDo not erase manual topology
2009-07-15 Andy BavierCreate NAT by default if EGRE key is present
2009-07-15 Andy BavierFix case where topo_rspec is null
2009-07-01 Andy BavierFix problem with adding CAP_NET_ADMIN to capabilities tag
2009-07-01 Andy BavierBug fixes
2009-07-01 Andy BavierAdded GaTech and UMKC to topology
2009-06-25 Andy BavierAdd 'manual' topology mode for manually specifying...
2009-06-25 Andy BavierRemove assumption that 'nodeid' value in rspec is an...
2009-05-27 Andy BavierUpdate all slice tags in one shot
2009-05-27 Andy BavierGenerate egre-keys.txt file from slice tags
2009-05-26 Andy BavierAssign EGRE keys and vsys attributes
2009-05-26 Andy BavierRewrite to make easier to read, maintain
2009-05-21 Andy BavierTurn off debugging flag
2009-05-21 Andy BavierRestart vserver if spaces/net modified
2009-05-21 Andy BavierUpdate for PL4.3
2009-05-19 Andy BavierUpdate for MyPLC 4.3
2009-05-01 Andy BavierConnection marking for NAT
2009-05-01 Andy BavierUse MACVLAN instead of bridge
2009-04-21 Andy BavierResolve problems with same IP address assigned to multi...
2009-04-20 Andy BavierUpdate for iproute-2.6.28
2009-03-27 Andy BavierFix for OpenVPN support
2009-03-17 Andy BavierChange NAT address block
2009-03-16 Faiyaz Ahmedadded max_alloc
2009-03-13 Faiyaz AhmedChange return value to be array instead of dict. aggre...
2009-03-10 Faiyaz AhmedDecided to make this an API call.
2009-03-10 Faiyaz AhmedKeep in line with schema.
2009-03-10 Faiyaz Ahmed1 LinkSpec per link. The array defines more than 1...
2009-03-10 Andy BavierAdd virtual IP addresses to 'rspec', advertise OpenVPN...
2009-03-09 Faiyaz AhmedRevert
2009-03-09 Faiyaz AhmedCreates linkspec based on vini topology.
2009-03-06 Faiyaz AhmedGenerates linkspecs and ifspecs from the topology list.
2009-02-26 Andy BavierGenerate site adjacency map from list of physical links...
2009-02-25 Andy BavierGenerate Quagga config files for each sliver
2009-02-25 Andy BavierGenerate 'hosts' attribute for the slice
2009-02-20 Andy BavierAdded *-nat files to RPM
2009-02-20 Andy BavierSetup and teardown NAT interfaces automatically
2009-02-20 Andy BavierScripts for creating and deleting NAT interface inside...
2009-02-20 Andy BavierScripts for creating and deleting NAT interface inside...
2009-02-19 Andy BavierFix bug caused by netns being a string
2009-02-19 Andy BavierRemove topo_rspec attributes if egre_key not present
2009-02-19 Andy BavierAdd rate to topo_rspec attribute
2009-02-18 Andy BavierChanges for robustness when deleting a sliver
2009-02-17 Andy BavierMinor bug fixes
2009-02-17 Andy BavierVirtual topology plugin for NodeManager