check for the x bit when locating an executable
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2011-12-07 smbakerupdate references to
2011-12-05 smbakerremove obsolete code
2011-11-28 smbakerremove obsolete code
2011-11-28 smbakerchanges for latest sfa
2011-10-31 smbakergot the SlicePickerWindow working, added ability to...
2011-10-25 smbakerabstract out methods for getting boot_state and sliver_type
2011-10-20 smbakerdeleteslivers for the emulab aggregate
2011-10-19 smbakerchanges to work with latest rspec versions, try create...
2011-10-17 smbakersliverstatus screen
2011-10-04 smbakerability for sliceview to display user slices instead...
2011-10-04 smbakerupdate view color-coding code
2011-09-27 smbakerremove deprecated listresources code
2011-09-27 smbakerclass for retrieving data from files