2010-09-10 Thierry Parmentelatrenamed sfawindow into mainwindow
2010-09-10 Thierry Parmentelatrenamed sficonfig into just config
2010-09-10 Barış MetinQCheckBox states
2010-09-10 Thierry Parmentelattweak pythonpath
2010-09-10 Thierry Parmentelatconfig with options
2010-09-10 Barış Metinshow selected
2010-09-10 Barış Metinwork on status bar
2010-09-10 Barış Metinadd Submit button as a placeholder
2010-09-10 Barış Metinshow selected nodes in slice.
2010-09-10 Barış MetinTreeItem.clear() is already implemented, using it.
2010-09-10 Barış Metinenable tree decoration
2010-09-10 Barış Metinwindow title
2010-09-10 Barış Metinfix nodeview issues and expand all
2010-09-10 Barış Metinstart implementing treeview and nodemodel
2010-09-10 Barış Metinextract nodeview and nodemodel
2010-09-10 Barış Metinadd a global status widget
2010-09-09 Barış Metinlayouts
2010-09-09 Barış Metinadd trace functions back
2010-09-09 Barış Metinset initial window size
2010-09-09 Barış Metinfix signal
2010-09-09 Barış Metinadd status label to mainscreen.
2010-09-09 Barış Metinhorizontal layout for slice and refresh labels
2010-09-09 Barış Metinintroduce sfahelper
2010-09-09 Barış MetinImprove modules hierarchy.
2010-09-09 Thierry Parmentelatdisplays if assigned or not, currently assigned first
2010-09-09 Thierry Parmentelatplug to sfi.py for getting resources
2010-09-08 Barış Metinfix layout
2010-09-08 Barış Metinadd todo note
2010-09-08 Barış Metin..
2010-09-08 Barış Metinadd rspec helper methods
2010-09-08 Barış Metinlayout
2010-09-08 Barış Metinadd refresh link
2010-09-08 Barış Metinadd nodeview and nodemodel
2010-09-08 Barış Metinuse QProcess instead of subprocess
2010-09-08 Barış Metin* AM's port is 12346 and SM's port is 12347.
2010-09-08 Barış Metinuse SfaData methods
2010-09-08 Barış Metinread configuration using SfaData
2010-09-08 Barış Metinadd save_config method to SfaData
2010-09-08 Barış Metininitial commit