2014-07-16 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag sliver-openvswitch-2.2.90-1 master sliver-openvswitch-2.2.90-1
2014-07-16 Thierry Parmentelatoops
2014-07-16 Thierry Parmentelatbump version number to 2.2.90
2014-05-04 Giuseppe LettieriMerge branch 'mainstream'
2014-05-04 Giuseppe Lettiericomply with new ofpbuf interface
2014-05-03 Andy Zhounetdev-linux: favor netlink stats for physical ports mainstream
2014-05-02 Alex Wangnetdev-vport: Checks tunnel status change when route...
2014-05-02 Alex Wangbridge: Allow users to configure statistics update...
2014-05-02 Alex Wangofproto-dpif-monitor: Fix deadlock.
2014-05-02 Jesse Grossdatapath: Fix feature check for HAVE_RXHASH.
2014-05-02 Alexandru CopotAdd basic implementation for OpenFlow 1.4 bundles
2014-05-02 Ben PfaffAUTHORS: Add Christian Stigen Larsen <cslarsen@gmail...
2014-05-02 Bruce Davievtep: clean up whitespace
2014-05-02 Simon Hormanofproto-dpif: Add table_is_internal() helper
2014-05-02 Simon Hormanflow: Add mf_is_l3_or_higher()
2014-05-02 Pritesh Kotharidatapath: clear l4_rxhash in skb_clear_hash.
2014-05-02 Pritesh Kotharidatapath: Add support for kernel 3.14.
2014-05-01 Andy Zhoudatapath: handle recirculation loop detection
2014-05-01 Ethan Jacksonofproto: Fix is_flow_deletion_pending() false positive.
2014-05-01 Ethan Jacksonofproto: Fix potential leak during flow mods.
2014-05-01 Simon Hormanofproto-dpif: Make bonding balance test more robust
2014-05-01 Ben Pfaffovs-thread: Fix OVS_ADAPTIVE_MUTEX_INITIALIZER.
2014-05-01 Ben Pfaffovs-ctl: Install manpage.
2014-05-01 Ben PfaffMerge pull request #1 from spil-jasper/master
2014-05-01 Simon Hormanofproto-dpif: Correct check_recirc comment
2014-05-01 Alexandru Copotofp-print: Enable printing OF1.4 version
2014-05-01 Simon Hormanofproto-dpif: Move recirc members from struct xlate_out...
2014-05-01 YAMAMOTO Takashiofproto-dpif-xlate: Fix in_port=controller case for...
2014-04-30 Alex Wangbfd: Require bfd control packet received in forwarding_...
2014-04-30 Alex Wangcfm: Require ccm received in demand mode.
2014-04-30 Joe Stringerbridge: Remove traces of flow-eviction-threshold.
2014-04-30 Jarno Rajahalmelib/classifier: Use a prefix tree to optimize ports...
2014-04-30 Ben Pfaffofproto-dpif: Close race between processing packet_ins...
2014-04-30 Pravin B Shelardatapath: Remove unnecessary flow variable.
2014-04-30 Ben PfaffEnable OpenFlow 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 by default.
2014-04-30 Jasper CapelAdd BuildRequires to RHEL specfile
2014-04-30 Andy Zhoubond: fix uninitialized use of use_recirc variable
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib/classifier: Support variable sized miniflows.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib/flow: Maintain miniflow offline values explicitly.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib/classifier: Separate cls_rule internals from the...
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmeclassifier: Use array for subtables instead of a list.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib: Add prefetch support (for GCC)
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib/flow: Optimize minimask_has_extra() and minimask_is...
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib/classifier: Hide more of the internal data structures.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmeofproto: Use classifer cursor API to collect vlan usage.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib: Inline functions used in classifier_lookup.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib/flow: Simplify miniflow accessors, add ipv6 support.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmeofproto: Inline trivial functions.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmeofproto: Inline actions in struct rule_actions.
2014-04-29 Ben Pfaffovs-rcu: Log the name of the main thread as "main"...
2014-04-29 Ben Pfafftests: Whitelist messages about RCU blocking in the...
2014-04-29 Ben Pfaffofp-version-opt: Fix spelling and capitalization.
2014-04-29 Pravin B Shelardatapath: Convert mask list in mask array.
2014-04-29 Pravin B Shelardatapath: Add flow mask cache.
2014-04-29 Pravin B Shelardatapath: Move table destroy to dp-rcu callback.
2014-04-29 Alex Wangnetdev: Fix an use of uninitialized mutex.
2014-04-29 Alex Wangdpif-linux: Fix a bug in creating port.
2014-04-29 Andy Zhouofproto-dpif: restore bond rebalance for non-recirc...
2014-04-29 Andy Zhouofproto-bond: do not allow recirculation when we failed...
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmeopenvswitch.h: Clarify use of key attributes.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib/odp-util: Remove extra parenthesis from sctp key...
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmeopenvswitch.h: Note that 64 bit ints are 4-aligned.
2014-04-29 Jarno Rajahalmelib/ofp-actions: Update comment.
2014-04-28 Ben Pfafftests: Fix up "ofproto-dpif - ofproto-dpif-monitor 1".
2014-04-28 Ben Pfaffovs-thread: Add checking for mutex and rwlock initializ...
2014-04-28 Ben Pfafflacp: Don't lock potentially uninitialized mutex in...
2014-04-28 Justin PettitPrepare for post-2.2.0 (2.2.90).
2014-04-28 Justin PettitPrepare for 2.2.0.
2014-04-28 Ben Pfaffovs-rcu: Log a helpful warning when ovsrcu_synchronize...
2014-04-28 Ben Pfaffovs-thread: Make caller provide thread name when creati...
2014-04-28 Ben Pfaffovs-thread: Quiesce in xpthread_barrier_wait().
2014-04-28 Ben Pfafftimeval: Preserve quiescence across time_poll().
2014-04-28 Joe Stringerdatapath: Check for backported skb_orphan_frags().
2014-04-28 Dave TuckerPython Logging Formatting Improvements
2014-04-28 Alex Wangbridge: Refactor the 'Instant' stats logic.
2014-04-28 Alex Wangofproto-dpif: Use sequence number to wake up main threa...
2014-04-28 Joe Stringertests: Fix race condition waiting for monitor thread.
2014-04-25 Joe Stringerrevalidator: Fix ukey stats cache updating.
2014-04-25 Alex Wangofproto-dpif-upcall: Fix a bug.
2014-04-25 Gurucharan... ofproto: Don't destroy mutex before its use.
2014-04-25 Gurucharan... netdev: Initialize netdev_class_mutex.
2014-04-24 Ben PfaffFAQ: Explain what to do when building against a too...
2014-04-24 Alex Wangbfd/cfm: Check status change before update status to...
2014-04-24 Gurucharan... daemon: Move some common code to daemon.c
2014-04-24 Gurucharan... daemon: Close standard file descriptors after detach...
2014-04-24 Gurucharan... daemon: Rename daemon.c as daemon-unix.c
2014-04-24 Padmanabhan... ofproto-dpif-xlate: Identify STP BPDUs more specifically.
2014-04-24 Jarno Rajahalmeofproto: Reduce taking rule references.
2014-04-24 Jarno Rajahalmeofproto: Make taking rule reference conditional on...
2014-04-24 Jarno Rajahalmeofproto: RCU postpone rule destruction.
2014-04-24 YAMAMOTO Takashihmap_random_node: Improve distribution
2014-04-24 Ethan Jacksonofproto-dpif-upcall: Remove the flow_dumper thread.
2014-04-24 Ben Pfaffbridge: When ports disappear from a datapath, add them...
2014-04-23 Joe Stringerrevalidator: Prevent handling the same flow twice.
2014-04-23 Andy Zhouofproto-dpif: Improve code clarity and comments on...
2014-04-23 Zoltan Kisslib/util: Input validation in str_to_uint
2014-04-23 Simon Hormanrun-ryu: Use unix socket rather than patch ports
2014-04-23 Gurucharan... daemon-windows: Recognize --no-chdir option for windows.
2014-04-22 Ben PfaffTODO: Add the project list from the hackathon.
2014-04-22 Gurucharan... Workaround for carriage returns on windows.