2020-11-11 Thierry Parmentelatbuild module no longer is a dependency of a real module... master
2020-11-11 Thierry Parmentelat*** SERVER-SIDE build ONLY***
2020-11-10 Thierry Parmentelatturn off pcucontrol
2020-11-10 Thierry Parmentelatdrop vsys off f33
2020-11-10 Thierry Parmentelatsliceimage@master
2020-11-10 Thierry Parmentelatscrub harder
2020-11-10 Thierry Parmentelattrim build image components that involve python2 rpms...
2020-11-09 Thierry Parmentelatpython2-pip is no longer available
2020-11-09 Thierry -u : use upstream repos
2020-11-09 Thierry Parmentelatempty changes, just trailing spaces and other indentation
2020-11-08 Thierry Parmentelatf33
2020-03-12 Thierry Parmentelatreplace rpm gpg with gpg1 in fedora31
2020-02-27 Thierry Parmentelatnodeimage and nodemanager move to master as a move...
2020-02-26 Thierry Parmentelatpour python2 utils for sfa
2020-02-26 Thierry Parmentelatafter much staggering and stumbling, let's try this...
2019-12-03 Thierry Parmentelatturn off outdated patch for much older times
2019-11-29 Thierry Parmentelatbypass in pl_root_tune_image
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelatbootcd@master
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelattests@master
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelatpypcilib@master
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelatbootmanager@master
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelatplcrt
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelatpcucontrol@master
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelatplewww
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelatvsys-scripts from master too
2019-11-28 Thierry Parmentelatvsys comes from master
2019-11-27 Thierry Parmentelatpingofdeath from master
2019-11-27 Thierry Parmentelatattempt to start the network in the f31 vms
2019-11-27 Thierry Parmentelatcouldn't help it
2019-11-27 Thierry Parmentelatoops, missing comma with devastating consequences
2019-11-15 Thierry Parmentelatoops missing change for f31
2019-11-15 Thierry Parmentelatbuilding for f31
2019-04-17 Thierry Parmentelatsfa to use python2 branch
2019-04-11 Thierry Parmentelatmoving back to stable/python2 sfa 4.0.3 by default...
2019-04-09 Thierry Parmentelatmyplc@master
2019-03-29 Thierry Parmentelatsfa python3 needs more work
2019-03-29 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag sfa-5.0-0
2019-03-27 Thierry Parmentelatsfa@master
2019-03-27 Thierry Parmentelatreinstating sfa build
2019-03-06 Thierry Parmentelatsupport building 18.04 ubuntus
2019-01-16 Thierry Parmentelatbugfix, set permissions right on webpublish side
2019-01-14 parmentelatplcapi for py3 needs further tweak for rounding up...
2019-01-09 parmentelatcleanup python package names
2019-01-09 parmentelatdefault for is 8G
2019-01-09 parmentelattweak chmod on the build dir when web-publishing
2019-01-08 Thierry Parmentelatbuild broke this morning; turns out webpublish now...
2019-01-08 Thierry Parmentelatscrub off wex stuff
2019-01-08 Thierry Parmentelatssh option staetd with = for simpler quote management
2019-01-08 Thierry Parmentelatdust off images contents after recent cleanup
2019-01-07 Thierry Parmentelatjust align tags
2019-01-07 Thierry Parmentelatremove ooooold stuf
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag myplc-7.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag myplc-5.3-5
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag pyplnet-7.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag pyplnet-4.3-20
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag plcapi-7.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag plcapi-5.4-2
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag nodemanager-7.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag nodemanager-5.2-20
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag lxc-userspace-2.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag nodeupdate-1.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag plnode-utils-1.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag sfa-4.0-2
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag nodeimage-5.2-9
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag sliceimage-5.1-12
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag bootcd-6.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag pcucontrol-1.0-14
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag bootmanager-6.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry Parmentelatplewww-5.2-9
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag drupal-4.7-17
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag vsys-0.99-4
2019-01-07 Thierry Parmentelattests-7.0-0
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag tests-6.0-5
2019-01-07 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag transforward-0.1-12
2019-01-07 Thierry Parmentelatpy3 becomes default
2019-01-07 Thierry Parmentelatcleanup old stuff
2019-01-02 Thierry Parmentelatsetns module needs tweaks in python3 py3ok
2018-12-29 Thierry Parmentelatnodemanager@master so that conf_files is executable...
2018-12-29 Thierry Parmentelatnodeupdate@python3
2018-12-28 Thierry Parmentelatplnode@python3
2018-12-28 Thierry Parmentelatnodemanager@python3
2018-12-21 Thierry Parmentelatdrupal@master
2018-12-21 Thierry Parmentelatcrucial to ship NetworkManager on nodes
2018-12-20 parmentelatnodeimage to enable NetworkManager and disable network...
2018-12-18 parmentelatturn off sfa build on both 27 and 29
2018-12-18 parmentelatalign f27 on networkmananger-based bootcd
2018-12-18 parmentelatship NodeManager in f29 nodeimage
2018-12-18 parmentelatdrop support for sfa starting with f29
2018-12-18 parmentelattransforward cannot ship on nodes with f29 as it no...
2018-12-18 parmentelatbootmanager
2018-12-17 parmentelatrenaming tags file for the py3 version; py2 version...
2018-12-14 parmentelatseparate tags file for python3
2018-12-13 parmentelatbootcd with NetworkManager starting with f29
2018-12-12 parmentelatprune everything about aspects that is python2 and...
2018-12-12 parmentelatbuild is also python3-equipped
2018-12-11 parmentelatpython2-pip is no longer implicit on f29 - probably...
2018-12-10 parmentelatbranch geni-v3 in sfa has gone, just use plain master
2018-12-10 parmentelatlbuild vms now rely on NetworkManager
2018-12-09 parmentelatfixing commit b04553ca, that was meant to be only about f29
2018-12-07 parmentelatmessing with ssh keys ownership needed ironing out