a little nicer wrt pep8
[sfa.git] / systemd /
2018-09-28 Loic BaronMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.onelab.eu/git/sfa
2018-05-29 Thierry Parmentelatmigration scripts in specfile for upgrade and uninstall...
2018-05-28 Thierry Parmentelatslightly more reliable setup script to mess with postgr...
2018-05-28 Thierry Parmentelatdo not restart postgresql, just send SIGHUP signal...
2018-05-27 Thierry Parmentelatsfa-config-tty can do r(estart) and R(eload) again
2018-05-27 Thierry Parmentelatfix dependencies, add .service
2018-05-26 Thierry Parmentelatfirst fixes in the systemd/ area
2018-05-25 Thierry Parmentelatless aggressive config of pg_hba.conf
2018-05-25 Thierry Parmentelatvery rough systemd services and script