2017-05-24 Loic BaronAiC and REST login onelab
2017-05-24 Loic BaronMonitor AMs list
2017-05-24 Loic Baronstatistics server url
2017-02-08 Loïc Baronrely on geni to provide geni-auth.js
2017-02-07 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of git://
2017-02-07 Loic BaronCLoudLab integration
2017-02-07 Loic BaronRedirect when there is next parameter in URL
2017-01-10 Loic BaronDjango upgrade defined ALLOWED_HOSTS in settings
2017-01-10 Loic Baronactivity log if error
2017-01-10 Loic Baronmetadata fix
2016-11-08 Loic BaronLess logs
2016-11-08 Loic BaronFixed JSON error when login (MetaData)
2016-07-04 Loic Baronemails
2016-07-04 rootMySlice image in footer
2016-04-18 Loic BaronLogo width 80px for emails
2016-04-18 Loic Baronfed4fire doc was already there
2016-04-18 Loic BaronFed4Fire Doc on Dashboard
2016-04-18 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2016-04-18 Loic BaronCertificate in plain text view
2016-04-18 Loic Baronget certificate at a URL in plain text
2016-04-14 Loic BaronOneLab templates: documentation link on the dashboard...
2016-04-14 Loic BaronTypo in create_user fixed
2016-04-06 Loic Barontypo in actions
2016-04-06 Loic BaronDjango username must be less than 30 char so we use...
2016-02-11 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2016-02-11 Loic Baronmanifoldproxy import error
2016-02-11 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2016-02-10 Loic Baronfixed SmartFIRE bg
2016-02-10 Loic BaronSmartFIRE background
2016-02-10 Loic Baronfixed manifoldapi import
2016-02-09 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2016-02-09 Loic Baronimport error config and manifoldapi.manifoldresult
2016-02-09 Loic Baronmyslice.wsgi added
2016-01-27 Thierry Parmentelatfix for a couple imports in manifoldapi/ that did not...
2016-01-27 Loic BaronDatatables: Natural sort for Resource name
2016-01-26 Thierry Parmentelatan import actually was relative; make it qualified...
2016-01-26 Thierry Parmentelatmicro cleanup
2016-01-25 Thierry Parmentelatmanifoldapi now expects the URL as an argument to its...
2016-01-25 Thierry Parmentelatmanifoldapi made python3-compatible
2016-01-12 Loic BaronJS True is bool or string, testing both
2016-01-08 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-12-16 Thierry Parmentelatproposal for improving the dont-verify-ssl hack
2015-12-10 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of
2015-12-10 Loic BaronCloud plugin style
2015-12-10 Loic BaronRSpec version has to be specified in platform config
2015-12-07 AlexanderWillnerfixed GUI
2015-12-07 AlexanderWillnerstarted to add SPARQL query GUI
2015-12-07 AlexanderWillneradding pointer to omn plugin
2015-12-07 AlexanderWillnerstarting omn plugin
2015-12-04 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-12-04 Loic BaronCloud plugin includes a widget to display each platform
2015-12-04 Loic BaronTemplate filter used in cloud plugin
2015-12-04 Loic BaronCloud plugin includes Fuseco
2015-12-04 Loic BaronCloud plugin: handle error if AM is down
2015-12-04 Loic BaronREST SFA timeout=5 if AM or Registry is down
2015-12-01 Loic Baronauth_user in Django username is limited in number of...
2015-11-30 Javier GarciaMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-11-30 Javier Garciaservicedirectory: adds BonFIRE icon for service directo...
2015-11-23 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-11-23 Loic BaronTrue is a string
2015-11-23 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-11-23 Loic BaronFix: SLA blocking
2015-11-23 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-11-23 Loic BaronRest api
2015-11-23 Loic Baronexperiment tab
2015-11-23 Loic BaronActivity update username
2015-11-23 Loic BaronEmail Logo remove width
2015-11-23 Loic BaronFilter status comments
2015-11-23 Loic BaronTemplate filters status
2015-11-23 Loic BaronFooter typo fixed
2015-11-09 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-11-09 Loic BaronREST SFA - output format using Ontology Translator
2015-11-06 Loic BaronCloud plugin: spin while waiting for apply changes
2015-11-06 Loic BaronCloud plugin: OK
2015-11-04 Loic BaronPlugin Cloud wip
2015-11-04 Loic BaronSFA Rest using RSpec type and version defined in Manifold
2015-10-12 Yasin RahmanCreate Project: url field added
2015-10-12 Yasin RahmanSlice delete/renew button removed
2015-10-12 Yasin Rahmantypo:footer fixed
2015-10-12 Yasin RahmanCreateSlice: url and purpose no longer required
2015-09-18 Javier GarciaSLA plugin: fixed SSL certificate error
2015-09-18 Javier GarciaSLA plugin: fixed template shown in dialog
2015-09-17 Javier GarciaSLA plugin: removed debug alert in js
2015-09-17 Javier GarciaSLA plugin: Cleaned most comments
2015-09-17 Javier GarciaMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-09-17 Javier GarciaSLA plugin: template integration with SLA Dashboard
2015-08-28 RadomirActivity module - fixing request.user error
2015-08-28 RadomirStats plugin - Adding support for messages local cachin...
2015-08-06 Loic BaronImport error for Log
2015-07-31 Loic BaronMigrations back to initial status
2015-07-31 Loic BaronSingleton fixed
2015-07-31 Loic BaronMySlice independant from Manifold package
2015-07-06 Loic BaronFilter status: All, Available, Unavailable, Unconfigure...
2015-07-06 Loic BaronThird Party fixing symbolic links of third-party folder
2015-07-01 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-07-01 Loic BaronLogos in email templates
2015-06-26 Loic BaronMerge branch 'onelab' of ssh://
2015-06-26 Loic Baronjs updated for accessing nitos nodes
2015-06-26 Loic BaronSmartfire: updated several templates
2015-06-19 Loic BaronASAP plugin: note to indicate that it is only supported...