clearer names for actions, and infer actions better
[monitor.git] / Monitor.spec
2011-12-23 Stephen SolteszMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-10-06 Stephen SolteszMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-08-31 Stephen SolteszSetting tag monitor-3.1-6 monitor-3.1-6
2011-08-31 Stephen SolteszSetting tag monitor-3.1-5 monitor-3.1-5
2011-05-28 Stephen SolteszSetting tag monitor-3.1-4 monitor-3.1-4
2011-05-28 Stephen SolteszFix files
2011-05-28 Stephen SolteszMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-05-28 Stephen SolteszRemove missing dirs from spec file
2011-05-27 Stephen SolteszSetting tag monitor-3.1-3 monitor-3.1-3
2011-05-27 Stephen SolteszSetting tag monitor-3.1-2 monitor-3.1-2
2011-05-27 Stephen SolteszAdded commands for interacting with google's spreadsheets:
2011-05-13 rootAdd dependency on myplc
2011-05-13 rootSeveral fixes to configuration, dependencies, and suppo...
2011-05-07 Stephen SolteszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-05-06 rootMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-05-06 Stephen SolteszSetting tag monitor-3.1-1 monitor-3.1-1
2011-05-06 rootFirst of a series of significant changes to how monitor...
2011-04-13 Stephen SolteszMany small updates and fixes:
2010-06-29 Stephen Solteszadd rt3 dependency,
2010-06-21 Stephen Soltesztypo
2010-06-21 Stephen Solteszmake simpler to reduce the dependencies for...
2010-06-18 Stephen Solteszadd check to see if mysqld is running in init script
2010-06-18 Stephen Solteszcreate a skeleton init script for monitor-nagios. ...
2010-06-18 Stephen Soltesztypo
2010-06-18 Stephen Solteszattempting to separate server and nagios packages expli...
2010-06-18 Stephen Solteszupdate nagios scripts with new paths
2010-05-21 Barış Metinfcdistro -> distroname
2010-05-20 Stephen SolteszBranch 3.0 for module Monitor created (as new trunk...
2010-05-20 Stephen SolteszSetting tag Monitor-3.0-35
2010-05-12 Barış MetinSetting tag Monitor-3.0-34
2010-04-27 Barış MetinSetting tag Monitor-3.0-33
2010-04-20 Thierry ParmentelatSetting tag Monitor-3.0-32
2010-04-20 Thierry Parmentelatfor 5.0, requires bootcd with new 3-part nodefamily
2010-04-12 Stephen SolteszSetting tag Monitor-3.0-31
2010-01-21 Barış MetinSetting tag Monitor-3.0-30
2009-12-22 Barış MetinSetting tag Monitor-3.0-29
2009-12-22 Barış Metinmove easy_install calls back to post install.
2009-12-22 Barış Metinrequire pcucontrol.
2009-12-22 Barış Metinremove pcucontrol from Monitor.spec
2009-12-18 Barış Metinmerged pcucontrol into monitor-server. although monitor...
2009-12-17 Barış MetinSetting tag Monitor-3.0-28
2009-12-17 Barış Metincomment out buildrequires
2009-12-17 Barış MetinSetting tag Monitor-3.0-27
2009-12-17 Barış Metinsetuptools don't really care about --build-directory.
2009-12-17 Barış Metinadd *egg/ directories to the package. easy_install...
2009-12-16 Barış MetinSetting tag Monitor-3.0-26
2009-12-14 Barış Metinrequire easy_install at build time
2009-12-14 Barış Metinhope I got the merge wright...
2009-11-21 Stephen Solteszdeprecate www directory and its legacy scripts
2009-11-21 Stephen Solteszremove a lot of deprecated files ;
2009-11-20 Stephen SolteszSetting tag Monitor-3.0-25
2009-10-22 Barış Metin- add install_date
2009-10-19 Barış Metin- remove monitor-client.cron
2009-10-15 Stephen Solteszremove monitor-client.cron
2009-10-15 Stephen Solteszremove unused monitor-client init script
2009-10-09 Barış Metinshow/hide advance query form.
2009-09-24 Stephen SolteszSetting tag Monitor-3.0-21
2009-09-05 Stephen SolteszSetting tag Monitor-3.0-20
2009-08-17 Stephen SolteszSetting tag Monitor-3.0-19
2009-07-28 Stephen Solteszadded firewall checks and notices
2009-07-27 Stephen Solteszsetup default values if they're not already set.
2009-07-09 Stephen Solteszadd a timeout command to the client package
2009-07-02 Stephen Solteszplace more default values in /etc/planetlab/*.xml
2009-07-01 Stephen Solteszimproved post server setup code in Monitor.spec
2009-06-29 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-18
2009-06-29 Stephen Solteszremove rt from monitor package.
2009-06-28 Stephen Solteszrequire OpenIPMI-tools to provide ipmitool command.
2009-06-24 Stephen Solteszensure that runlevelagent starts when a new package...
2009-06-22 Stephen Solteszprovide sitename to person query
2009-06-22 Stephen Soltesztypo city.
2009-06-21 Stephen Solteszadd cron script to sync plc db and rt every hour
2009-06-21 Stephen Solteszcleaned and improved monitor-rt3.init
2009-06-20 Stephen Solteszown new files
2009-06-20 Stephen Soltesztypo
2009-06-20 Stephen Solteszbreak apart init scripts for monitor, zabbix, and rt3
2009-06-19 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-17
2009-06-19 Stephen Solteszno idea how I clobbered this.
2009-06-19 Stephen Solteszadded bootmanager log for monitor-collected log files...
2009-06-17 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-16
2009-06-17 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-15
2009-06-16 Stephen Solteszenable monitor in plc-config
2009-06-12 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-14
2009-06-12 Stephen Solteszuse 'pattern' argument to site and node pages.
2009-06-09 Stephen Solteszfixed what looked like a typo in pculist.kid, restores...
2009-06-08 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-13
2009-06-03 Stephen Solteszcontrollers should allow refreshes while findall is...
2009-06-02 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-12
2009-05-30 Thierry ParmentelatTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-11
2009-05-26 Thierry ParmentelatTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-10
2009-05-19 Barış MetinTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-9
2009-05-15 Thierry ParmentelatTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-8
2009-05-15 Barış Metin- use plekit tables
2009-05-13 Barış Metinbuild in /var/tmp as tmpfs mounted on vservers may...
2009-05-12 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-7
2009-05-11 Barış Metinuse pldistro and _arch for dependencies.
2009-05-04 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-6
2009-05-04 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-5
2009-05-01 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-4
2009-04-28 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-3
2009-04-27 Stephen SolteszTagging module Monitor - Monitor-3.0-2